What makes for a Perfect VPN Service?

Cyber crime and incidents of data breaches have become a common thing these days. Frequently we get the news of government agencies or business organizations targeted by cyber terrorism.

Cyber security attacks grew by 38% from 2014 to 2015. The cost of cyber crime is expected to reach the US $2.1 trillion by 2019.

The number of such cases is on the rise, and VPN is fast emerging as the top protection method that is available to users online. You can stay anonymous, take advantage of an encrypted connection and keep all the prying eyes at bay.

There are many VPN providers with many offerings, but how do you know which one stands out? Secure your connection by choosing the VPN that is perfect for your purposes – you probably will need to read some reviews and characteristics first. On websites like Anta, it’s possible to select such VPN service and read more useful guides about VPN.

For that, you have to know:

What makes a VPN Great?

It’s not just the speed and the anonymity we are looking at – and while the form the backbone of any reliable VPN service – there are some other aspects to look for too. Here is a list of them.

Server Locations

If your VPN provider gives you access to multiple servers to route your traffic then it’s a great thing. You can choose the servers at different locations depending on your purpose.

If you want to watch a live TV channel in Germany getting past location restriction, you can choose a server from Germany.

A server located outside the country’s borders will be helpful if your government is snooping on you.

Be aware that the VPN service will be governed by the laws of the country where it is located. So if it’s in the US, then according to laws they can be forced to hand over your usage data.


VPN providers provide protocols to encrypt your connection but the different types can make you confused- SSL/TLS, IPSec, PPTP, L2TP…

You should not be worried about them as all protocols are safe enough according to experts while the most common and secure are SSL. Even business organizations use the SSL protocol or the IPSec.

Each protocol has advantages and drawbacks, but if you are an individual user then it doesn’t really matter as none of the solutions are visible to the end-user.

Logging Policy

Your VPN provider and other systems on the same network can view and keep logs of what you are doing. This can be a matter of concern if the laws of the country where the server is located can force the company to hand over your data.

So it is best to go for a VPN service which doesn’t keep a log of your activities- so that there is nothing to hand over to the authorities!

Malware/Spyware Protection

VPN does not guarantee full proof safety; in fact, nothing does!

To add an extra layer of protection, a good VPN service will have some anti-malware scanner that informs you in the case of any threats, for example, if you proceed to download a virus or trojan.

It always makes sense to get as much protection as you can and adopt safe browsing habits while being wary of your downloads.

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